Training and workshops for not-for-profits—and other organizations

We can help you offer a wider range of training or workshops. We offer training adapted to your needs on the topics of budget, debt and credit. Benefit from our advisors’ expertise.

Mon budget (offered in French only)

Training for people with employment income looking for an effective way to manage their personal finances.

Les pièges du crédit (offered in French only)

Participants learn the pros and cons of various types of credit, pitfalls to avoid and the negative effects of poor credit management. In short, we teach you how to use credit wisely!!

J’ai un projet ! (offered in French only)

Particularly appropriate for a group of young people, this participatory workshop is an excellent introduction to the budgeting process.

Training for advocates

Intervention budgétaire, pauvreté et préjugé(offered in French only)

NEW DATES ANNOUNCED FOR THIS WINTER AND SPRING (from January to May). Click “Sign up” to see our program and sign up.

This training is for workers in various sectors who may be required to assist people experiencing financial difficulties. We will help you address financial issues respectfully and provide you with a better understanding of how different factors affect the consumption choices of the most vulnerable people.

Solutions à l’endettement (offered in French only)

All too often, debt remains a taboo subject in our society. We designed this training for not-for-profit and other organizations that want to raise their members’ awareness of debt-related issues and how to prevent them.

Webinar : Helping your participants access government benefits

We invite you to a webinar to introduce the Benefits Wayfinder. This plain language, simple and easy to use tool is a useful resource for anyone helping people access government benefits. Learn how to support people looking to increase their income and reduce their expenses by simplifying their research for government benefits.

Our organization collaborates with Prosper Canada, which developed the Benefits Wayfinder, to make sure this new tool known and to train in organizations who want to learn how to use it.

Register for our upcoming webinar: June 13th, 2023, 1:30 to 3:00 PM

If you are an organization of more than 10 people and would like to offer the webinar to your team, contact us at or call 514 362-1771.